Photo: Mats Bäcker

Frida Engström

Lyrical soprano


2011 I took my bachelor från the operaacademy at Gothenburg University.

During that education I had the pleasure of singing Susanna in Mira Bartovs "Le nozze di Figaro" at Folkoperan in Stockholm.

So far, I've had the pleasure of playing some of my absolute favorite roles, such as the Rosina / Contessa Almaviva combination in the Wermlands Opera trilogy, Pamina and Michaëla at the Gothenburg Opera and Christine in "Phantom of the opera" on the same stage.
Daisi Doody in "Aniara" at Malmö Opera and Sara Videbäck in "Det går an" at Läckö Castle both offered my theater soul that extra challenge.
I look back with gratitude and forward with tense expectation.

My passion is acting and singing is the ultimate means of expression. When done right. That passion and curiosity has made me go into the artistic team. As a director assistant, I have been able to study the work we do on stage, and see how different directors work to get the best out of their singers and actors.

When I fell in love with Läckö Opera as an organization and workplace, I also got the chance to step into the production team there.

In 2018, I got the chance to direct myself ... as well as writing the screenplay and editing libretto, designing costume and scenography. The Gothenburg Opera gave me their trust to put together the concept project "Me too, Figaro". An adaptation of Figaro's wedding for a 1 hour performance, combined with workshops for high school students where students got to say what they felt and thought about sexual harassment, and finally use their insights to direct scenes from the opera in a way they think people should act. An experience I carry with me with gratitude, both for the trust that was given to me, but mainly for the unparalleled courage and wisdom of the young people.

Sometimes I get asked if I shouldn´t stick to ONE thing. As I see it, that's exactly what I do. All these different angles enrich me as an artist. They also give a further understanding of the process that leads to a performance and how important everyone is for the best result to be achieved. Everyone who is not visible but without whom there would be no art. Everyone who struggles to give themselves to a role and to an audience.
The commitment that exists in "theater people" is something very special. Whether they are stage workers, schedulers, cleaners or artists. Or for that matter the audience! Who sees, hears and feels the result of all our work. That which gives meaning to our work. Because without recipients, nothing is worth sending.

A theater creates a special atmosphere. I love that world!




FALL 2021

Premiere on the 5th of december 2021.

ROLE: Wellgunde


Director - Stephen Langridge

Conductor - Evan Rogister

Kostume, Setdesign - Alison Chitty

Light design - Paul Pyant


Siegfried - Daniel Brenna

Gunther - Mats Persson

Woglinde - Mia Karlsson

Flosshilde - Ann-Kristin Jones

Brünnhilde - Ann-Louise Lögdlund

Gutrune - Carolina Sandgren

Alberich - Ólafur Sigurdarson


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FALL 2021

Premiere september 2021



Director - Anders Aldgård


Hanna Glawari - Frida Engström

Count Danilo - Thomas Järvheden

Owner of the nightclub - Lars-Åke "Babsan" Wilhelmsson

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CARMEN - Gothenburg Opera 2019

Music: G Bizet   Libretto: Henri Meilhac & Ludovic Halévy

ROLE  Micaëla

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LE NOZZE DI FIGARO - Läckö Castle 2019

Music: Mozart   Libretto: Da Ponte

ROLE  Susanna

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ME TOO, FIGARO - Gothenburg Opera 2019

Music: Mozart   Libretto/Translation: Frida Engström

ROLE  Director & Contessa Almaviva

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DAS RHEINGOLD - Gothenburg Opera 2018

Music & Libretto: Richard Wagner

ROLE  Wellgunde

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PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Gothenburg Opera 2017/2018

Music: Andrew Llloyd Webber

ROLE  Christine Daée

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ANIARA - Malmö Opera 2017

Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl   Libretto: Erik Lindegren

ROLE  Daisi Doody & La Garconne

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ZAUBERFLÖTE - Gothenburg Opera 2017

Music: W A Mozart   Libretto: Schikaneder/Translation: Rikard Bergqvist

ROLE  Pamina (jump-in)

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CARMEN - Gothenburg Opera 2016/2017

Music: G Bizet   Libretto: Henri Meilhac & Ludovic Halévy

ROLE  Micaëla (jump-in)

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DET GÅR AN - World premiere at Läckö Castle 2016

Music: Daniel Fjellström  Libretto :Maria Sundqvist

after the novel by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist

ROLE  Sara Videbäck

TRILOGY - Werland Opera 2014/2015

Il Barbiere di Siviglia/Le Nozze di Figaro/Fidelio

Music: Rosini/Mozart/Beethoven   Libretto: Sterbini/Da Ponte/von Sonnleithner

ROLE  Rosina, La Contessa, 1e gefangener

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ZAUBERFLÖTE - Folkoperan 2013

Music: W A Mozart   Libretto: Schikaneder/Translation: Åsa Lindholm

ROLE  1e Dame, 1e Knabe

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